Financial Evaluation

Understanding and appreciating the processes involved in fair and reasonable valuation of work carried out is at the heart of K D Burns Associates.

We have a passion for honesty and correcting inappropriate undervaluations/overvaluation.

We offer to assist in the process of valuation of live ongoing projects, together with forensic analysis of completed projects where disagreements have occurred.

Claims and disputes between parties in Contract are an unfortunate and all too common occurrence within the construction industry. However, when claims and disputes do arise, it is the aim of K D Burns Associates to provide a professional, reliable, and very cost effective service that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of our client´s requirements.

Where reasonable negotiation fails to provide a solution and a dispute requires resolution by a third party our considerable experience and expertise in the field of construction dispute enables us to advise on how to best prepare or defend against a claim.

Whether preparing a claim or counter-claim for adjudication or assisting the legal team in arbitration or enforcement, our thorough approach and technically qualified staff, combined with that of the legal team, enables us to provide an indispensable service which seeks to maximise our clients´ entitlement to recovery of time and money.

K D Burns Associates have considerable experience in dealing with these issues and our staff have the analytical expert skills to make an early examination of the contract conditions and the events which have lead to the issues of disagreement and to calculate any appropriate entitlement together with interest recovery, if any. In the event a formal dispute arises, we offer excellent advice on specialist dispute resolution and are able to deal with complex legal issues.