The Company

At KD Burns Associates, we see the success of any Construction project as being that which has been well managed throughout the whole process. From selection of the most appropriate forms of Building Contract and clauses to use, the selection and procurement process and the appropriate monitoring and recording of the events and facts throughout.

With the down turn in Public Sector spending and the reduction in opportunities in other sectors the ever increasing competition for the reduced market share, many organisations may now be reliant upon or require entering new markets to secure their workload and turnover.

An understanding of accountability of the parties involved in these sectors has been at the heart of our work for many years. With increased competition, margins and time constraints are more vital in firstly securing the works and also in the delivery, cash flow and quality completion. It is vitally important that all parties to the Contract act appropriately and limit their risk accordingly.

With more than 30 Years experience in Main Contracting Senior Management, much of this time working on prestigious works within The Public Sector, we have extensive experience on major multi million pound challenging and logistically fraught Construction projects, including the likes of, The Palace of Westminster, The House of Lords, Governmentally Procured Prisons, Local Authority New Builds and Occupied Refurbishments, in Housing, Education and Health together with true Partnering with London Boroughs.

We offer an excellent level of understanding of the processes and needs of all the parties involved. Our services include advice on: Appropriate use of systems of paperwork, Project and Construction Management, Quantity Surveying, Planning/Programming/Sequencing of the works, monitoring of Progress along an ever changing Critical Path, and Forensic Analysis of the affects of change or events that occur during the life of any Construction Project, Final Account Settlements, Cost Analysis, together with the full range of dispute resolution.

From the use of standard traditional family of JCT forms of Contract, through bespoke uses of GC/Works/1, NEC, PFI, BSF, PPC 2000, Defcon, and many others, we have many Years of Practical experience in their use and appropriate applications, understanding the risks and recording of the facts.

It is from this understanding that many accounts have been successfully concluded by way of negotiated settlement, or where settlement by negotiation has not been possible, we, by use of the contemporaneously documented systems of paperwork and recorded facts, settled successfully by third party involvement, either in Adjudication, Arbitration or the Law Courts.