Mr Keith Burns of K D Burns associates, stepped in to help Hastoe and the main contractor resolve contractual issues, two certified Passivhaus schemes were constructed, one in Essex the other in Norfolk, both schemes had a number of contractual issues that were impeding the successful completion, lists of outstanding items including defects and design issues were all stopping the schemes from delivering what was expected by Hastoe. Many main contractor personnel had tried to deliver an outcome, it was not until Mr Burns stepped in did the situation start to improve, he was able to establish what was needed by both sides and action the required works thus avoiding the need for expensive legal action. I’m impressed with his professionalism.

John Lefever BSc(Hons) MCIH, Regional Head of Development, Hastoe Group

Keith is very much the type of Consultant that you would want on your side in a contractual dispute. He is very knowledgeable with regard to construction, programming and contracts but he adds extremely important qualities to his work, in that he thoroughly researches the issues and can be very tenacious if necessary. I had the privilege of working with Keith for many years and I have no hesitation in forwarding this recommendation.

John Gibson, Chairman

We appointed K D Burns Associates to assist us with managing and progressing two new build extra care homes for an important client, where attention to detail, quality and completion were extremely important.

The risk of not achieving these goals could have put a strain on relationship of all parties including the end users.

The experience that Keith Burns brought to these projects has enabled us to successfully conclude the schemes to the delight of our customers, so much so, our customers are selecting us for another major project and we have appointed KD Burns associates to continue to assist us on other schemes

John Walsh, Managing Director

Thanks for all your efforts on this, without you I think it would have been a complete disaster. I have been very impressed with the service you have provided.

Ian Turner, Managing Director

We appointed KD Burns Associates to help us resolves a very complex situation that occurred on one of our large construction sites in the City of London, the problem we faced required a great deal of coordinated involvement of consultants and specialist contractors. The work involved obtaining a good understanding of the specialist materials involved and keeping a close eye on the financial controls and programme implications. The prospect of not finding a speedy and successful conclusion could have had major consequences on the completion date and financial position of the project together with a risk of putting a strain on relationships.

The work K D Burns Associates have done in firstly getting a firm grasp of the problems we faced, organising approvals and supervising progress and financial control has enabled us to bring this issue to a conclusion of satisfaction, which I’m sure is a view shared by all parties.

We are very pleased with the professional, yet personal, approach taken by K D Burns Associates, together with the Partner level accessibility, so much so we have since further appointed them to assist us on other projects.

Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive

Keith Burns is a pleasure to work with. He gets stuck into and has a firm grasp of the details of a project. His charming and straight-talking manner means that you can rely on him to give you realistic diagnoses and prognoses which are rational and commercially pragmatic.

Alexander Hickey, Barrister
4 Pump Court

I have worked with Keith Burns on several complex construction disputes where Keith has reviewed the facts, considered the merits of the case and devised the strategy for the resolution of the dispute. I must say on several occasions I have thought that the position of those for whom Keith has been acting to be somewhat precarious. However, by stint of Keith’s industry and hard work he has managed to recover what has seemed somewhat difficult.

Keith has good knowledge of construction law and particular expertise in construction dispute resolution. I would have no hesitation recommending him to any of my clients and consider that he quickly becomes an indispensible member of any construction dispute resolution team.

Michael Blackburne, Partner
DAC Beachcroft

I first worked with Keith more than twenty years ago when he was the contracts manager and I the project architect on a large occupied residential refurbishment contract for London Borough of Waltham Forest. The scheme was a complex combination of structural strengthening works and general refurbishment works but with the added complication of more than 100 families living in the buildings throughout the contract. Health and Safety was of course the priority for all of us associated with the project. Keith managed the construction process extremely effectively, understanding that the contractors priorities of achieving deadlines and cost expectation were always subservient to the needs of the residents. Inevitably there were challenges to be faced on the contract however these were always dealt with in a good humoured way and in a spirit of fairness and understanding. The popularity of the blocks now is a testament to the efficiency and attention to detail as well as the care for the residents which Keith brought to the construction process

I have worked on a number of projects with Keith since our first experience including both refurbishment and new build contracts. These have all been successfully undertaken and have been characterised by the positive and fair manner in which contractual issues have been addressed and, in recent times, have also seen a wholehearted commitment to design and construction quality.

Keith is an extremely principled and trustworthy person. I have found his commitment to open dialogue refreshing and this, allied to his fairness and contractual knowledge will serve him well in dispute resolution. I offer my very best wishes for his future success.

Mark Bottomley BA(Hons) Dip Arch RIBA
BPTW Architects

Keith Burns is the consummate professional.

His focus and determination to achieve only the best results is widely recognised. Keith will investigate, challenge, question and leave no stone unturned until he fully understands the project/issue/task or whatever new challenge is put in front of him. It is this quality and his vast experience that means that Keith’s results are always better than one would normally expect. Most recently Keith has been known to resolve very difficult disputes, however Keith also has many years of experience in Planning and Project Management at the highest levels.

David Westwood, Managing Director

I have known Keith for almost 20 years spanning two companies and have worked very closely with him in that time. We worked together for over 11 years at Galliford Try (formerly Galliford Hodgson) him in the capacity of Contracts Manager & I as Senior Surveyor and for almost 8 years at William Verry with Keith initially running the Public Business Unit and latterly in the position of Director overseeing other unit operations.

Keith is an inspirational and enthusiastic leader for whom no obstacle will deter him in obtaining the most beneficial outcome for the Company, project and client. In all the years we worked together I have never seen him shirk from a challenge and his motivational effect on others was clearly visible.

He is a logical, clear thinker whose background gives him experience second to none in terms of technical construction ability, programming, contract and financial objectives; his views and advice were sought at all levels given a proven record of problem solving, lateral thinking and trustworthiness.

It has always been a pleasure to work with Keith, his credentials are exemplary.

Ian Thurston, Chief Surveyor

I confirm I worked with Keith Burns for just over 4 years at Verry Construction from February 2005 to February 2009, Keith´s role was as Director responsible for delivery, primarily within the public business unit and more recently across all business units, and was also heavily involved in dispute resolution.

My working relationship with Keith has been mainly involved at pre-construction level and I have found Keith to be very experienced, professional and a focused individual at all times always striving to achieve high standards.

Paul Dooley, Director of Estate Regeneration
Poplar HARCA

I have known and worked under Keith for a number of years throughout my working career, and during this time we have worked on a number of contracts together, most of which have been challenging and in some cases contractually very intricate.

I have always had the utmost respect for Keith, in each of his roles during my career as he naturally always displayed a very strong leadership quality, he is a “peoples person and team player” who is totally supportive of the teams he directs.

Keith most definitely leads from the front; he has become the figure head of each and every one of the companies he has worked for. He has always been highly respected and held in very high regard.

I have always known Keith to be committed 100% to the cause. This same commitment is displayed in everything he does.

Keith has gained a massive amount of experience in defending Contractual claims during his working career and has been extremely successful. This in part is simply due to his untiring doggedness and his 100% commitment to the cause.

I will always have the utmost respect for Keith and would happily continue my working career under Keith’s guidance.

Andrew Napolitano, Senior Contracts Manager

I have known and had the pleasure of working with Keith Burns for the last 15 years. As director, Keith has always been a proactive leader of our site teams and has demonstrated a depth of knowledge with regards to procurement, design, programme and deliveries. On a personal level, Keith has always been inspirational and a mentor to me; he has always been the first to offer help and to resolve any problems in a professional manner. He is also widely respected amongst the site staff, office staff and the other directors.

Keith’s calibre of leadership is second to none and I sincerely hope that I am able to work with him in the future.

Ali Toossi, Senior Project Manager

Having known and worked with Keith for the past 5 years at Verry Construction I can say, with confidence that I am able to describe what it has been like to work with and for Keith during this period. Firstly I would start by saying, that in all my years in the construction industry, almost 30 years in management, I have never worked for a better ‘Boss’ and I would support this by making the following comments about Keith:

  • Strong yet supporting management of his team.
  • Extremely knowledgeable, almost always able to offer guidance and advice.
  • His technical understanding of the construction process and programme (been there and done it!), commercial and business knowledge etc. all earn him great respect from his peers and subordinates alike.
  • An excellent judge of character. I pride myself on my own ability to build and develop my team, and with Keith´s support this has been all the more successful and rewarding.
  • Keith makes very clear what he expects from his team, and is fully supportive of them as they strive to achieve what´s expected. This, in my opinion makes Keith an ideal leader, as knowing what is expected and also knowing that support is available when its needed displays a fundamental leadership quality.

In summary I would say that his knowledge and experience in Contractual and Commercial matters and his willingness to share that knowledge has been key to my own progression over this last 5 years, and for that I would sincerely thank him. Without his Testing and Supportive management and guidance over this period I feel sure I would not have achieved the personal success I have.

I would welcome the opportunity of working with him again at some point in the future.

Andy Stewart, Business Unit Director