Keith Burns - Partner

Keith is a Construction Industry Professional, a member of the Society of Construction Law and the Chartered Institute of Builders who has over 30 years experience in Senior Construction Management, and has had a seat on the Main Board of Directors since 1996.

Keith, having spent 18 years with a National Main Contractor with an annual turnover of £500 M, enjoyed a seat on their Board of Directors. This turnover was mainly in the Social Housing and Public Works Sectors.

Keith resigned his position to join a London based Main Contractor. Keith enjoyed a seat on their Board of Directors as the Main Board Group Construction Director. In this time their turnover increased from £30 Million to £140 Million. This turnover was mainly in the Public Sector and involved a number of very prestigious projects.

Following the successful career in mainstream construction with major Main Contractors, Keith resigned his position and board membership to establish his own company, KD Burns associates, to offer the wider industry a professional approach to Construction Management and solutions to problematic Contractual issues.

The company has long established itself very well with a growing satisfied client base of which most, if not all, have provided repeat business, in the areas of:

  • Employers Agent and Quantity Surveyor,
  • Delay analysis and entitlement,
  • Quantum analysis and entitlement,
  • Main Contractors Senior Contracts Management,
  • Solicitor appointed Expert Witness for Quantum,
  • Solicitor appointed expert witness for final account and project Delay Analysis Expert,
  • Main Contractor appointment for advice on BSF Contracts and affects of their clause’s,
  • Main Contractor and Sub-Contractor Contract Drafting,
  • Financial Advice and Management assistance, through to completion, on listed building in Central London that had extensive stone surface damage caused by demolition works.
  • Advice on JCT Contracts and Preliminary clauses and their use
  • Formulation of templates for use by Main Contractors and Sub Contractors

The above to name but a few of the appointments we have enjoyed at KD Burns Associates.

The partner level involvement KD Burns associates can provide, means the years of extensive experience is at the hands and use of our clients.

The following is an example of the type of Construction projects we have experience in, Keith was directly involved in a number of very prestigious projects, As an example of some of these projects.

  • Savill Gardens visitors Centre £6M, (Sterling Prize finalist)
  • The House of Lords catering facility, £8M
  • The Palace of Westminster visitors centre, £10M, first new build for 200 years
  • The Young Vic theatre, £6M, (Sterling Prize finalist)
  • The Idea Store, £15M, (Sterling Prize finalist)
  • Kent Schools PFI, £80M
  • Kent Schools BSF, £26M
  • Hackney BSF, £20M

These projects were carried out to the highest standards of quality that have successfully seen three of these make the finals of the prestigious Sterling Prize finals in two consecutive years. Which also went some way to the Company being voted Building Contractor of the Year for 2008.

Keith has a task focussed approach built around successful team understanding, using individuals´ strengths. This approach has seen The Contractor and Consultant teams´ succeed on difficult contracts and problem fraught projects.

On issues of disagreement, Keith has overseen a number of high level disputes that occurred regarding under certification of The Contractor’s true entitlement.

Keith’s approach would always firstly try to mediate a settlement with the parties to the contract, and on many occasions this has proved successful, however when agreement and settlement has not been possible, Keith obtained sufficient knowledge regarding matters in dispute and progressed the claims through to conclusions in Adjudication, Arbitration and at times the Law Courts.

The mediation and dispute settlements that have involved Keith in the past few years have yielded over £10M beyond that which the PQS had offered as a final account. In this same period, Keith has also successfully defended claims which amounted to more that £5M.

Keith’s reported cases include the series of judgements of The Honourable Mr Justice Ramsey, The Honourable Mr Justice Thornton and The Honourable Mr Justice Akinhead, of these well published cases include:

  • William Verry Limited V The London Borough of Camden, this case was brought on by William Verry Limited to enforce an adjudication award by Mr Mastrandrea, for a sum in excess of £500K, the case was heard by Mr Justice Ramsey and was found in favour of William Verry Limited.
  • William Verry Limited V The North London Mikvah, this case was brought on by William Verry Limited to enforce the payment of interest owed by TNLM, the case was heard by Mr Justice Thornton and he found in favour of William Verry Limited and new case law is established.
  • CJP Limited V William Verry Limited, this case was brought against William Verry Limited regarding a claim for circa £130K that was wrongfully awarded in adjudication, Mr Justice Akinhead found in favour of William Verry Limited and new case law is established.