Dispute Resolution

When parties disagree, entrenchment of opinion can often blight conclusion.

Decision makers may be relying upon members of the team that are too close to the issues for pragmatic solutions to be found.

Our mission to assisting in Contractual disputes would always commence with,

  • Identification of the causes
    Obtain the evidential facts and data, by real in depth analysis and research of the contemporaneous project information, we would conduct reviews and obtain knowledge from the incumbent teams, or where these teams/members are no longer available/accessible, we will seek to rationally understand their input into the project from the recordings made during their tenure.
  • The effect
    In relation to time related issues, we will establish the facts and knowledge related to the cause. We will create an as built programme and Import the causes and their possible effects onto the Contract Programme. We do this by identifying the critical path of the original Contract Programme together with any changes that may have moved the critical path onto other activities. We are then able to import the as built information onto the programme to determine the true cause of any Disruption and Delays that have occurred to progress and any effect they may have on the Contract Completion date. From this analysis we are able to determine a point in time of any particular event and its potential value, if any, in terms of loss and expense.
  • Recovery
    Only by doing the above can a real understanding take place as to the real potential value and worth be of any time related dispute.

By independently doing the above in this process of events, a full appreciation and understanding of the issues can be obtained. This may enable a mutual resolution to be discussed between the parties as a serious alternative to formal dispute resolution.

In the event ADR is not possible, and a dispute is referred to Adjudication, the analysis of the actual facts and their effects will be called upon in support of the claim and evidence presented as an advocate to those presiding.